Friday, May 8, 2009

BBA – Anadama

Yes, I must be truly insane, but I have signed up to the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge, which is an adventure created by Nicole of Pinch My Salt. The challenge is to bake every single bread from Peter Reinhart's book Bread Baker's apprentice, at the pace of one bread per week. I think there are 54 recipes in the book, so this will take a little more than a year to accomplish.

I got lured into this was inspired by Tanna of My Kitchen In Half Cups who entered before me, and I didn't have to think long – I already had the book and liked it a lot.

At this moment, the group has 123 members, and is still growing. There is also a Google emailing list, a Flickr group, a Facebook group and most of the members are on Twitter. Gosh!

But however grand this may be, my first priority will still be the BBB – Bread Baking Babes. That makes it 5 breads per month, no big deal, right? We eat a lot of bread in this family!


Anadama bread

BBA Anadama 2

I will not recite the whole recipe, but this one includes a soaker, consisting of corn flour/polenta plus water prepared the day before the baking. The final dough has wheat flour and a substantial amount of molasses (I used Swedish "ljus sirap"). No wild yeast, just baker's yeast.

It was easy to prepare, but to be honest, we weren't overly thrilled by this bread – OK, I guess we'll finish it, but I won't be baking it again. But I'm definitely not sorry about that, it was fun trying!

I'll give this a 2. Or 3? No 2,5 – that's my final bid!


BBA Anadama 3


BBA Anadama 1

Both loaves were baked in aluminum pans, the left one with black non-stick coating, the right one without coating.


Lien said...

Isn't it nice when people agree with what you say... I agree with you totally: you're insane, but in a nice way :-)
(you know in secret... i'm still tempted to join anyway, better make my mind up fast)

Love your photo's, they are beautiful.

görel said...

Thanks Lien!!
And the challenge is open until Sunday I think, you still have the opportunity to achieve complete insanity!

Arundathi said...

Lovely looking loaves. I wasn't crazy about the taste either, but hey, I'm okay with that!

natalia said...

Oh no ! I shouldn't have known...I'll go and check !!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

How interesting Görel I really loved this bread.

From Lien's comment there, I think we both need to give her some extra tease and pull her over the edge with us!

Now between our guest, cooking and baking, I have to find time to get this bread posted.

Ilva said...

I have made this bread and I loved it despite my feelings about it beforehand. But then I used malt and not molasses so it wasn't sweet, maybe that is it

görel said...

I just heard on the radio today that molasses doesn't have to be sweet, during the world wars when coffee was scarce they made a substitue of of dandelions and used molasses just for colouring.

Maybe I should try this again after all!

Ilva said...

Yes I have to say that malt is great in bread, mine is made of barley and it has a slight tang of sourdough to it. Very faint but it sure adds something to the bread

Sara said...

Well at least they are pretty! I am looking forward to watching you ladies on this journey!

Natashya said...

Interesting about the colouring of the two different loaves!
My loaf pans are glass, I wonder what effect that has?
Sorry these ones weren't your favourite, there is always the next one!

haleysuzanne said...

The pan difference is amazing, isn't it? I baked off one loaf in a commercial grade pan, the other in a cheaper, lighterweight non-stock. The bread from the cheap pan rose even more in the oven and is beautifully domed. Who knows? Your bread has a beautiful crumb, though.

görel said...

I think it's the colour, dark absorbs and light reflects, sort of.
I've never baked with glass pans, have no idea how these loaves would have turned in those! I only have these pans, but most of the time, I bake directly on the baking stone.

Murasaki Shikibu said...

The bread sure looks pretty though...and I'm so happy you are blogging more! :)

Nancy/n.o.e said...

So sorry that you didn't love the bread - we quite liked it. Your side by side comparison with the different pans is really interesting.

Devany said...

I think you got lovely loaves. I was surprised at the darkening with a non-stick surface. To me it has always been the other way.

On the malt subject, I have both and usually use the malt syrup for bread, but I used the molasses this time. I think that it was a good blend with the corn meal.

~from the other side of the world,
devany in Hawaii

Jude said...

Such a huge difference in crust from baking with different pans. So the only difference is the color of the pan?

görel said...

Devaney - so you use malt syrup? i was thinking malt powder, but what do I know, I have never used any of them! Interesting, I'll have to try finding it.

Jude - I believe it's the colour, and the difference in heat reflection.