Saturday, September 19, 2009

BBB Russian Black Bread – Buddy Roundup

Somewhere between I baked this bread and blogged about it and until now, something important must have happened – why? Because I totally have missed doing the roundup! I should have done it almost two weeks ago. I know, there shouldn’t be any excuses, but I kind of got carried away. With what? I’ll tell you later.

In the meantime, a couple of latecomers caught up, so in fact it may not have been too bad that I waited (bad excuse, I know).

I really liked this bread myself, but as it was kind of, well, special, I realized that it might not be a hit with everyone. That turned out to true among the Babes. So I expected the Buddy response to be similar, but of the Buddies who reported in, almost all said that they liked it, which was a nice surprise! Or does it mean that the Buddies are very kind and polite in general?

First Buddy out was Karin of Karin's Kitchen. She didn't like it at all! But the loaves looked very nice:

Madam Chow boosted her rye with starter Boris and some extra gluten, and look at her beauties:

Marjoke of Company in my Kitchen actually used Swedish rye, now that’s what I call dedicated!

Judy of Judy's Gross Eats revived her rye starter who did a very good job in the hot weather. Look at these gorgeous loaves:

Caitlin of Engineer Baker addressed a problem that I believe that many of us foodies are struggling with: the difficulty – always, or from time to time – to just eat normally and to have a relaxed relationship to food.

Elle of Feeding my Enthusiasms and her bench scraper had a workout with this sticky dough, and the result of her efforts was amazing:

Andreas of Delta Kitchen enjoyed the combination of caraway and fennel, and his loaves looked great:

Anne Marie of Rosemary & Garlic suggested an alternate usage of this bread – keep it on hand to chase off any burglars. In the meantime, good with cheese too.

Natalia of gatti fili e farina pulled out her loaves of the oven close to midnight, and look at the crust:

Rita aka Soepkipje baked this bread not only once, but several times, and her mother said that this was the best bread that Rita had ever made. Despite the Dutch Rye, good job!

Alisa of Jane of many trades tested out her organic grape starter, and it looks that it was doing a great job:

Nidhi of Charche Chauke Ke thought she was late, but that’s nothing compared to what I am … thanks for your contribution, and great job!

And finally we have Astrid of Paulchen’s Food Blog who probably thought that she’d be on the safe side and not be included in the roundup, but how wrong she was. This is one happy bread loaf:

That was it! A million thanks to all of you for baking with us this month, and sorry again for the long delay! The reason why I was late? I tell you another day …


Astrid said...

haha, yes you are right I thought I did not make it since I was ten days late anyway. well thanks for including my happy bread anyway. LOL

as for the buddies: of course we are polite, hehe. for me is also true that the bread was a success. It's not something I'd bake everyday but every now and then it really makes a nice bread for a hearty dinner or supper I think. :)

Great roundup and what lovely breads there are!!

natalia said...

Thank you ! Great round up !

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Great roundup. I'm not a BBB but I always have fun admiring all your creations! :)

Sara said...

Beautiful breads!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Great round-up Gorel!
We truly loved this bread.